Join us on 26 September to explore this year’s theme, “Dare to experiment”

It is a well-known fact that experimentation and involving users as early as possible is vital for success – so why are so many companies afraid of doing it? Join us for this year's conference as we explore the theme Dare to experiment.

Bergen Design Conference invites internationally renowned speakers from across the design field to share their experiences and increase our awareness of the many qualities of design; as a tool for creating useful and innovative products and services, as beautiful, and as a driver of change towards a more inclusive and sustainable society.

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Roope Mokka (FI)

Demos Helsinki

Roope Mokka is an expert on societal change and innovation. He specialises in helping organisations weather great changes in the world around them, and his work often involves cross-sector changes that influence the daily lives of individuals. For more than 15 years, Mokka has worked with governments, corporations and NGOs as a strategic-level advisor on future technologies, markets, and societies, and helped put Finland on the map as a truly experimenting nation.


Dr. Yanki Lee (HK)

Social designer and activist, founder of Enable Foundation

With a background in architecture and a PhD in Design Participation, Dr. Lee explores the ways in which creative participation can foster social inclusion and innovation. In 2013, after years of research and practice in the UK, Dr. Lee moved back to her hometown and founded the HK DESIS Lab. Here, she continues her research on new design practice in addressing social issues, and in 2017 received Hong Kong Government's Social Innovation Fund to design for Social Innovation for a better Hong Kong. 

Cesar Harada (HK)

Founder / inventor
MakerBay / Protei

Cesar Harada is an award-winning French-Japanese inventor, environmentalist, and entrepreneur living in Hong Kong. He is currently the director of MakerBay, a Hong Kong a maker space for social & environmental impact. He is also the inventor of Protei, a revolutionary shape-shifting sailing robot which combines Cesar’s passion for open hardware for the environment and citizen science with a strong focus on ocean communities and technologies. 


Anne Beate Hovind (NO)

Project manager, process facilitator and strategic adviser?

Anne Beate Hovind is no stranger to persuasion – whether it’s helping Avinor realise that it needs user insight to improve its services, transforming a rundown plot in downtown Oslo into urban farmland or getting world class writers to bury their stories in a Norwegian forest, only to be dug back up in 2114. With broad experience from managing large scale building projects, innovation processes, and longterm art projects, Hovind is an expert on making change happen through experimentation, boldness and co-creation.

André Moen (NO)

2nd Chance

André Moen is the founder of an “ordinary recruitment agency with an unordinary philosophy”. 2nd Chance holds the belief that, whatever their story, everyone deserves another shot. The agency recruits candidates from prisons, halfway houses and the street – people who wants to make a change for themselves and knows that working is an important step towards the change.

Heidi Sperre (NO)

Founder of Fly, podcaster at Sosialt Sett


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