Raff Design Week 

  • The only design week in Norway
  • Local and national designers
  • Travelling exhibitions open 24/7
  • In Bergen city centre

Raff Design Week takes place from 23rd of September to 2nd of October 2016. Exhibitions in central Bergen are linked together in a travelling exhibition that shows the best local and national designers have to offer – around the clock, the entire week.

Raff Design Week covers multiple disciplines and highlights the best and most innovative designers in different fields. The designers display their projects, their stories and collections. This year’s theme is Design Thinking.

Get ready to experience new sensations, gain new insights and motivation!

Raff Design Week includes:

  • Official opening 23 September.
  • Raff Design Breakfasts of September 26 - 30.
  • Raff Seminar September 29. International design stars visit Bergen.
  • The annual Raff Party October 1.

Vision: Raff Design Week works to promote unique Norwegian designers in Norway and abroad. Raff Design Week aims at being a meeting place for established and aspiring designers, a venue that promotes and values the work of the designer. Our goal is to help more young and creative people to choose design, and to encourage the appreciation of Norwegian design at home and internationally.

Design Thinking. Raff Design Week 2016 
23 September – 2 October